Tuesday, August 9, 2011

final appointment, 8 weeks 1 day

There are still two babies!! Dr. Fabulous did my scan. She spent so much time explaining everything, commenting on how cute they are, even saying they looked like they were about to reach out to hold hands :) Then she let me listen to both heartbeats. AMAZING!!

Baby A: 16.8mm, measuring 8 weeks 1 day, heart rate 169bpm

Baby B: 16.6mm, measuring 8 weeks 1 day, heart rat 161bpm

After the ultrasound, we sat and talked for a while. She is so, so sweet. I’m really going to miss everyone at the clinic. I brought in a large gift basket of chocolates and a thank you note, so hopefully everyone is going home with a smile tonight. Then it was time for my last intralipid infusion. Wow. I seriously can’t believe I’m done. Dr. Fabulous started the IV and it was by far the easiest infusion I’ve had. Lots of hugs and well wishes from the staff. It was hard to say goodbye.

After I left the clinic, I went to the pharmacy and purchased of all their in stock progesterone, heparin and other support meds. So much in fact that they didn't have enough heparin syringes to sell me. I’m honestly nervous to have purchased that many meds (as I still can’t believe this will last), but it was something I needed to do. We leave on Thursday. still so.much.to.do!


  1. It's amazing to hear such tiny little heartbeats at 8 weeks. And you got to hear two!! Congrats!