Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kate’s first trip to the ER

Last Saturday (err, 2 Saturdays ago), Kate woke up from her afternoon nap crying and wanting to snuggle, which is not normal behavior for my on-the-go explorer. After 30 minutes of off and on sobbing, and wanting to be held, I started looking for an urgent care clinic in the area. My mom happens to live in an adorable little town, which is unfortunately, in the middle of nowhere. Having no luck finding an urgent care clinic, and with Kate’s pediatrician over an hour away, plus her hatred of the car, plus it being a Saturday, we took her to the ER.

As we waited (all of five minutes) for the doctor, I started to question whether the ER was necessary. Maybe she was just having an off day, and I was over-reacting. Then I remembered something Kate’s Irish pediatrician had once said. “You know your child better than anyone else. If you think something’s wrong, bring her in, and I’ll figure out what it is.” The only thing that made sense was an ear infection, and sure enough, it was an ear infection.

Now, I know I’ve been out of the U.S. for several years, but look at this thing. How cool is that?

To get Kate’s prescription, I walked into the lobby of the hospital, put a code in this machine, and voila, Amoxicillin. We had a Pyxis machine near the ORs at my old hospital, but that was for our staff to use. High fives to whatever brilliant soul invented InstyMeds and saved me a trip to the pharmacy.

To the staff at the local hospital, you were awesome. Thank you for seeing us so quickly, and being so patient and kind to a very upset, screaming Kate. Yes, dear Kate comes completely undone every time she’s approached with a forehead thermometer. She about lost her mind when the nurse tried to put the pulse ox on her toe, and she was understandably inconsolable while we held her down to have her ears examined. Again, thank you for a great ER experience (as good as an ER experience can be), and thanks for the gifts for Kate (small bunny and stickers). As great as you were, we hope to never see you again.


  1. Oh poor Kate!! Delighted it's all sorted and that machine is fantastic!! I wonder if Ireland will have them in about 20 years time...

  2. ooo, poor dear. I'm glad you got treatment fast.

  3. Poor little thing! Good gut instinct!
    How did you get her to swallow the medicine? That would be another hard part of the whole experience:(
    Glad she's on the mend!

  4. Hope Kate is feeling better. Glad you had a good experience at the ER. That machine does look cool.

  5. Wow good instinct, must always remember that tip. Lol loved your last line, hope you never do see them again. Must have been so scary not knowing what's wrong..