Saturday, February 4, 2012

quick Guinness update

Guinness is a mystery. There is no explanation for his symptoms, and the vets in Bratislava have said the same thing as the vets in Dublin, they've never seen anything like this. Guinness had a VERY tough week. At one point, I didn't think he'd make it through the night. In true Guinness form, he'd made a bit of a comeback by the following morning.

My husband visits him twice a day, as Guinness is still in the kitty ICU. He's also had several meetings with the vets. They've tried various medications, and have done a lot of tests. His liver function tests have been all over the place, and the leukocytes continue to be high. My husband requested that Guinness start a round of high-dose antibiotics, similar to what we did for him in Dublin.

The staff seem to like Guinness. It sounds like he's a popular boy around the clinic. One woman told my husband that she has black cats at home, so she always takes time to play with Guinness at the clinic. He's being well cared for, but I can't wait for him to return home. I know my husband and Bella miss him terribly.

Continued good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


  1. Guiness is an amazing kitty, a fighter. I'm sure he will pull out of this and be home soon.

  2. Hi there! Just checking in to see how everything is going. I'm sure you are super busy but hopefully you can drop a line pretty soon to let us know you are ok. Thinking of you.