Sunday, January 1, 2012

17th day of hospital bed rest, and 29 WEEKS!

Today I’m 29 weeks pregnant. I’m still 5 weeks from the goal of 34 weeks (they won’t let me go past 34), but 29 is A LOT better than where I was on admission, 26 weeks 5 days. EVERY day helps.

Speaking of the NICU, I finally did the tour. The NICU team and neonatologist had been in to speak with me a few times, but I’d been avoiding the actual tour. A few nights ago when my nurse stopped by to take me for my coveted daily wheelchair ride, she announced that we were going to stop in the NICU before going anywhere else. I’ve always been very eye-rolly (is that a word) when women talk about wanting to be induced (for non-medical reasons) or whined about how uncomfortable they are toward the end (hey, that’s part of being pregnant), but spending time in the NICU only confirms the belief I’ve always had, that babies are meant to be born at 39-40 weeks, and wishing for anything earlier is selfish, plain and simple, selfish. Okay, I’ll save that rant for another post.

Moving right along, we’re continuing to pass our Tuesday and Friday BPPs (Bio Physical Profiles) with perfectscores 8/8. On Friday, Baby B was estimated at 2lbs 10oz, 40th percentile. We also have twice daily 1-hour non-stress tests. Everything looks great. The monitor occasionally picks up a few contractions, but I’ve only felt one.

I also had the Glucose Tolerance Test on Friday, and passed. Yay.

Most hospitals have rules regarding how often IVs have to be changed; the standard being every 72 hours. I’m not going to do the math, but I’ve had a lot of IVs during the past 17 days. I started with several, those were changed after 72 hours, then I was able to drop one, I’ve had one blow, a few that needed to be moved due to redness, etc. Between the almost daily blood draws and IVs, it’s getting harder and harder to start them and find good placement sites. On Thursday, the nurses started talking about a PICC line. On one hand, yeah, it makes total sense. On the other hand, ack. When the doctor on- call rounded yesterday, she decided to give me a break for the weekend. She said she’s not entirely comfortable with not having access (an IV), but we’ll wait until Tuesday and revisit the idea of a PICC. For now, I’m free….

That same doctor is probably the youngest, smallest, sweetest OB ever, and no, I don’t feel this way just because she offered to bring me a latte from Starbucks ;) She’s just very nice, and since I’m the most stable antepartum patient ever (at least that’s how I feel), we really don’t have much to chat about when she visits. So instead we talk about online shopping and the fact that I desperately need a haircut. My mom said she would ask her guy if he could make a house, err, hospital call, but if that doesn’t work out, Dr. Glorious said she could recommend someone. Sweet!

Did I mention that the fabulous nurse, M, who was with me when I delivered Kate, still works here? She’s been my nurse several times and it was so much fun to reminisce about Kate’s delivery. After Kate was born, M was the person who told me I was very polite, as I hadn’t screamed, called her names, used bad language, and always said please and thank you, and did it drug-free. A few nights ago, M was taking me for my wheelchair ride. She’d decided to take me to look at Christmas lights on the bridge on the backside of the hospital, used by the doctors to go back and forth between the clinic. L&D is a locked unit, and you have to be quick to get through the doors, or the alarm sounds. It seems that every time we pass through a door in the wheelchair, we set it off. M left me on the bridge, and stepped just inside the door to turn the alarm off. Of course, my high-risk OB came walking out of the other side, as I’m just sitting there in the wheelchair on the bridge. Many jokes about me trying to escape.

We finally have some snow. I’ve never been in the Midwest during the winter before, and was starting to question the rumors I’d heard about harsh winters and blizzards (not really.) Well, winter is officially here, and we have snow.

Last night, the nurses had a potluck to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and imagine my delight when this was delivered to me. What a nice break from hospital food.

Once again, they’ve surprised me with their kindness. I’m so lucky to be here.

Next goal, 30 weeks!


  1. Wonderful! So glad you made it to 29 weeks. I am continually amazed by what a great group of people are there supporting you. I hope it continues to go well.

  2. You are doing such a great job!

    I'm also eye-rolly at the complaining and inducing. Usually I keep my mouth shut but a couple of times I have made the yapper feel really awful when I said, "I would have given anything to get my babies to full term, I had to spend months on bedrest on all sorts of drugs just to get them to 34 weeks." They stop complaining after they hear that, at least to my face.

    Your whiteboard is adorable. My unit used to give me little slips of paper every week, "Congrats on X weeks." I came across my last one (33 weeks) a few days ago and remembered how each new one I'd receive felt like a hundred trophies.

  3. Great news!! Your hospital staff sound just wonderful :) Hang in there for those next 5 weeks xx

  4. Holy smokes! I just caught up on my blog reading and come back to find you in the hospital. :( Strangely enough, I went into labor around the same time as you and also ended up on hospital bed rest. If it helps, my doctor thought I would have delivered E within 48 hours and I ended up going to 35 weeks. I'm with you on the eye-rolling about early inducing.

    I'm hoping that since you were able to go in a wheelchair to the NICU, that you know how bathroom privileges as well. :) I think that was a very happy step for me and I'm sure for you too. One thing that really helped me stay in bed was that my sister sent me a a cosmetics case with a hook that I hung off of my bed railing. She packed it full of goodies to keep me fresh and clean which made all of the difference. My favorites were some disposable face cleaning clothes, the one use toothbrushes, breath mints, and lip balm! I felt completely wasteful using some of the things--but it was totally worth it!

    I'm so glad to hear that you have a wonderful staff helping you--they make all of the difference! After E was born, I sent the staff pictures of E which they put up in their common work station (they love updates!) and also made them a personalized treat jar at Color Me Mine.

    My doctor was also wonderful and sent me music as an itunes gift. :) Totally sweet. The other thing she did that I loved was when she taped an ultrasound picture of E onto some equipment right in my eyeline from the laying down position. That's keeping your eye on the prize. :)

    I'll be thinking about all of you. Hang in there!!

  5. Been catching up with you -you have had a lot to process, haven't you-- a lot to mourn, and a lot to look forward to. WOW. Sounds like you are in the best place (physically and emotionally) and with the very best people who happen to also be the best specialists and doctors. I am so glad you have them and your mom all there with you. I'm sure it makes your husband feel better to know that you are well tended until he can be with you. Congratulations on making 29 -- cheering for you and praying that 34 happens without incident!

  6. Congrats on 29 weeks! I'm happy to hear that the hospital staff is taking such good care of you. I'm continuing to keep you in my thoughts!

  7. Hi. Visiting from LFCA. Congratulations on 29 weeks! I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Oh, my, quite the ordeal. Sounds like you've kept yourself busy on bed rest.

  9. Hooray for 29 weeks!

  10. Just sending warm wishes from California! I'm glad you're receiving such good care.

  11. I wish you and your family all the best! Sounds like you have a magnificent team working wit you.