Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My nurse just brought me a latte…

So, I wasn’t going to do blog posts of all the wonderful things my nurses, doctors, support people, etc, do and say, that make hospital bed rest a bit more tolerable, but on a daily basis, I’m humbled by the generosity, and kindness, of my care team.

Their giving, thoughtful nature was evident immediately upon my arrival after the rupture. When I say I had a full room of people, I mean FULL of people. They were all there to do a job, but they worked so well with each other, displaying a working relationship I’ve rarely seen. And I would say that I’m a fairly harsh judge, due to the years I worked at a major university teaching hospital, one known for not only medical excellence, but outstanding patient care as well. I had amazing coworkers, who clearly cared for each other, and their patients.

I obviously hadn’t planned on this (the rupture and subsequent hospitalization) happening, and therefore hadn’t charged my phone or iPad before coming into the city to do some shopping. That night, one of the nurses came in and said that she and her husband had just purchased a new iPad, and that I was welcome to use it. WHAT?!?! Who offers a patient, a stranger, something like that? I told her that I had my own, but it wasn’t charged. Before I knew it, she was back with a charger; she had her husband bring it to the hospital for me to use. I also found out that the doctor on call was going to run home and grab her charger for me, if the nurse’s husband wasn’t able to bring theirs in.

The nurses find ways to make everything better, even with a simple smile, or a wink. My first visitor was a nurse. She worked in my high risk OB’s office when I was pregnant with Kate, and when she heard that I’d been admitted, she asked if she could come in and visit. Several other nurses have stopped by to say hello, just because they happened to be at the hospital (picking something up, teaching a class), and wanted to run up and see how I was doing, or as some have said, see if I am still pregnant.

The doctors are wonderful, too. You’re supposed to see whoever is rounding that particular day, but in addition to seeing that doctor, my doctor makes a point to stop in as often as possible, just to check in. Her colleagues have been wonderful, and I’m glad they were made aware of my case, before any of this started. Not only have I received a high level of care, I’ve also received a lot of hugs and comforting words. As with anything, I have favorites, but all of the doctors are great, and if worse came to worse, I’d honestly feel comfortable with anyone from that department at delivery.

All of the lactation consultants at this hospital are also RNs. There’s one in particular who worked with Kate and I, extensively, both while we were here for delivery and for weeks afterward. She doesn’t work at this location very often anymore, but when she was here and saw my name on the board, she came into my room. She didn’t know why I was here, and we hadn’t talked in over a year, but she must have known it was a bad situation. She walked in, hugged me, and just cradled my head, as I broke down and sobbed. She ended up visiting with me for hours, and made sure I had her cell number. She also knows that my mom has Kate, and that my husband is overseas, so she offered to be with me for delivery, and said to call anytime, day or night. As if that weren’t enough, she and her husband came to see me on Christmas Eve, and brought me a gift.

The charge nurse has been wonderful, too. She has spent a lot of time in my room, just talking, and seems to know all of the right things to say to someone in my situation, which as no one has to point out, but sometimes do, is extremely rare. She also took on the responsibility of calling the local funeral homes to ask questions about making arrangements for Baby A, so that I wouldn’t have to.

One of the first days I was here, my doctor came bouncing in with Christmas decorations, and decorated my room a bit. She also brought in some books for me to read, books that she chose based on my interests. Even Santa stopped by last week, bringing a small gift for Kate.

I could give example after example of what my care has been like, the attitude of the staff, the way they’ve tried to include me in things (a staff potluck on Christmas Eve, coming in to paint my toes) just so I’d have a few minutes of normal.

And that brings me to today. I think word has spread through the floor that I love Starbucks. Daily, one of the nurses or doctors offers to bring me a latte (not a small offer since there’s no Starbucks in the hospital.) My day nurse and I were talking about Starbucks and coffee in general. She offered to run downstairs to the espresso cart to get me a drink. I repeatedly told her it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. She just brought me a latte, and refused payment. P, it’s my treat next time.

If anyone has ideas of things I could do for the staff, to show my appreciation, please let me know. I have a basket of Lindt truffles and other candy out for them, but I’d like to do something else, something more tangible. They deserve it!


  1. Ah, I was just wondering about you, lol.
    What else can you do?
    Make copies of this post and give it to all the nurses that are a part of it. Some of my most favorite things are nice notes from patients, thanking me for doing my job. (or going above & beyond it) Sure, they love the chocolate, but to be thanked by name (and a nod about them to the supervisors and one-ups doesn't hurt either) meant a lot to me, too.

    Hang in there, lady. Thinking of you!

  2. just catching up with your last few sorry you're going through all this, but very glad you're in the hospital and things are holding tight for now. What an added bonus that you are being treated so well. I hope it helps reduce some of the pain and fear of this situation.

    Sending you all good thoughts and will be checking back frequently.


  3. Wow! I hate that you're in the hospital, but it sounds like you've got a great team watching out for you!

  4. I agree with Anon, print out copies of this entry and share it with the nurses and doctors. I know they'll tear up reading it just like I did!

    Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  5. It sounds like you have a fantastic team there. I am so glad that there are bright spots in the middle of all of this. Thinking of you.

  6. They sound like an awesome crew.

  7. Being a nurse myself, I can tell you that snacks are always good. Nurses often don't get lunch or potty breaks! As for you, thinking of you and sending strength!

  8. Glad you have such a wonderful team around you during this difficult time.