Friday, September 2, 2011

11 weeks, nuchal scan

On Monday I had another big appointment (sorry it took so long to update, busy week).

First I had a meeting with the genetic counselor. She gave me several options for testing, including integrated versus sequential, and CVS, and an amnio, and more blood tests. I was already scheduled for the nuchal, not because we would have terminated had there been a problem, but because I’m a type A, organizer, planner extreme and if there were an issue, I would have had time to prepare and get the best specialists on board, etc. Anyway, I'm just not comfortable with the more invasive testing, given the miscarriage risk. I went ahead with the nuchal, as planned, though I learned that the blood test portion isn't really relevant because they can't tell what percentage of the numbers are coming from which baby. Interesting.

The genetic counselor also asked if I knew the conception date. I told her yes, that it was an IVF pregnancy. She asked if I'd had "real IVF." Err, yes, it *seemed* fairly real at the time. She said that a lot of women come in and say they've had IVF, meaning IUI. Wow. I seriously can’t imagine having a medical procedure performed and not knowing the proper name of it.

In other news, we talked about my upcoming appt with the new peri and she said he likes to follow his IVF patients very closely. Which might translate into, I'm not going to Slovakia. We have a lot to talk about. It sounds like between the new peri and my maternal fetal medicine doctor, I'll be in every other week until 20 weeks, then weekly. Wowza.

The ultrasound portion was fabulous. The tech spent a lot of time on each baby (neither was cooperating). And maybe this is normal for the U.S. (if so, I’m insanely jealous), but they had a huge flat screen monitor on the wall, so it was very easy to see what she was measuring and all of the details. Another woman was training to be board certified in the nuchal scan, so she came in after the test and spent another 30 minutes practicing with the ultrasound and taking pictures. During some of the first round of photos, Baby A reached up and wiped his/ her hand across its forehead, as if to say, too many pictures. Kate did the same thing during her nuchal scan. So cute!

The nuchal number was normal for both babies. Full report to follow.

At 11 weeks:

Baby A: measuring 11 weeks 0 days, CRL 4.08cm, heart rate 176

Baby B: measuring 11 weeks 2 days, CRL 4.51cm, heart rate 171

I’m concerned about the difference in CRL, but the ultrasound tech said it wasn’t a big deal.

Follow up: Yesterday a woman from the hospital left a voicemail for me stating that she had the results, and gave me 45 minutes to call her back before she was to leave for the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get the message until really late last night. Why she didn’t call my cell phone is a mystery. Anyway, I called this morning and of course she’s out until Tuesday. The good news is that the results were faxed to my high-risk OB. One brief message and returned phone call (within 20 minutes), and though she hadn’t read the full report, said that everything looks “great.” Great, coming from her, will more than get me through the weekend. Thrilled.


  1. Wonderful pictures! I know you enjoyed getting to see the babies!

  2. So so happy all is going so well! Have you made plans yet on travelling back to Europe? Love, Fran

  3. I got my nuchal scan next week so excited, I have been waiting for this for ages really what to get some great pictures so I can make some copies from my family.