Sunday, September 11, 2011

12 weeks 5 days, visit to the ER

first Rhogam shot for this pregnancy

first, and hopefully last, ER visit for this pregnancy

So, I’ve been really bad about updating the blog, but once again, I’ve been plagued by first trimester cramping and spotting. For weeks I excused the cramping as uterine stretching, and it most likely is. Well, the other night the spotting increased, then bleeding, then intense cramping. By yesterday afternoon it was just too much.

And once again, the hotel shuttle driver to the rescue (It was just about time for Kate’s nap, plus my husband had packing to do, so it was easier to go alone). I just have to say once again, I adore the staff at the hospital I go to; EVERYONE I dealt with yesterday was professional and kind.

My first nurse had also done IVF, so I think she took a special interest in me. She was beyond sweet and attentive. When I was being wheeled to ultrasound, she said to be sure to push the call light when they brought me back, so she could check on me right away. I was wheeled back to ultrasound and very relieved to hear the words, “There are two heartbeats.” Both babies are measuring well.

Baby A: 6.3cm, measuring 12 weeks 5 days, heart rate 157 bpm

Baby B: 6.4 cm, measuring 12 weeks, 5 days, heart rate 161 bpm

The ER doctor recommended “total rest” until I see the perinatologist on Thursday. He also thought I should have a Rhogam shot, which I agreed with, but he wanted to discuss it with the OB on-call, first. I knew it was going to be a long wait as he walked out the door and I heard them call the first of MANY traumas.

I waited, and waited, and waited. The night nurse came back to tell me there was a problem in the pharmacy, and they “hoped” to have the Rhogam ready around 8pm. When she finally came to give me the shot, she apologized profusely for the delay. My response was, “Meh, it’s the ER, it’s life, it happens.” She said she wished everyone was as understanding.

Arrived in the ER: 3:15pm

Discharge papers printed and brought in: 4:58pm

Walked out of the ER: 8:46pm

It was a long evening, but the absolute most important thing is that both babies are alive and well.


  1. I'm sorry you keep having to deal with cramping and spotting!! You're right...those babies being alive and well are the most important thing!

  2. I'm so glad everything is ok! Its wonderful to have a nurse that cares, its always surprising to me how much difference it makes!

  3. What a relief! Do take things easy from now on.. I have a friend who was pregnant with twins and didn't take her bed rest too seriously and had to give birth very early.. So do follow the docs orders :) I hope this is the last scare you get. Btw I've been a fairly new silent reader and I love your blog.. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. Oh sweetie, how scary... but what a fantastic care you are having, did they say anything about why this is happening? Much love, Fran

  5. So scary, but so glad the babies are both doing well, measuring on track, and you're ok. If you remember earlier on in my pregnancy they were calling it a threatened miscarriage as well. I can totally feel for you, and unfortunately know how hard that must have been to wait to hear that everything was still ok. Good luck at your appointment Thursday!

  6. Glad things are ok now. I hope that it was your last ER visit during this pregnancy.