Wednesday, September 28, 2011

14 week appointment and med update

(apologies for the formatting issues, I've been fighting with Blogger for over an hour, and I give up)

Since I’m now 15 weeks 2 days, I thought I should probably update with the 14 week appointment. Where does the time go?!?!

First a med update:

12 weeks 6 days: done with estrogen tablets

14 weeks 3 days: done with Gestone (progesterone in oil)

Yes, this nasty stuff

15 weeks 1 day: done with Prednisone (may the puffiness in my face soon disappear)

Crinone, you are next to go (hopefully within 2 weeks)

Okay, 14 week appointment…

Baby A:

Baby B:

The ultrasound tech confirmed genders on both, and after discussing it with my husband, we will be sharing the news. I want to wait a little bit longer and have a few more ultrasounds (just to be sure). Also, after talking to some friends about what happened last time, the consensus is that some people are just rude and will therefore make inappropriate comments, but that’s certainly not a good enough reason to spoil the fun for everyone else. So yes, a gender announcement within two-ish weeks!

My doctor seems very pleased. My labs are great, BP was 106/68, and she checked my ankles for swelling, none. The medical student that was with her decided to use the Doppler to check the heartbeats and had I not JUST come from a 30 minute ultrasound, I would have been terrified; she couldn’t find Baby B’s heartbeat. Baby A was fairly easy to find, Baby B was, as usual, all over the place and impossible. Finally my doctor took the Doppler and even she was only able to find Baby B for a couple of seconds (not even the 6 seconds necessary to get a decent count).

She’d already received the ultrasound pics and report. Baby A is measuring at 17%; Baby B is measuring at 12%. She said she’s not concerned since they’re within 5% of each other. I did mention the perinatologist’s comment about wanting the babies out by 38 weeks. She said that they would absolutely be out between 37-38, probably closer to 37. There's just too much that can go wrong past that point and particularly with my risks, they're better out than in. Overall, a great appointment. I see her again on Monday.


  1. Congrats on being able to drop some of your meds...must be a relief. I'm excited to find out the gender(s) of your little ones...can't wait for that announcement!

  2. Can't believe you're 15 weeks already! Congrats and I can't wait to find put the genders too.

  3. Congrats! Love the baby pics! Also I'm so so jealous that you are done with your PIO, I am so ready to be done and I still have 3 weeks left...

  4. Yay glad you're done with the pio! I'm dreading they'll give it to me, I'm really praying they don't! I'd take crinone over pio anytime.. Great update glad to hear your twinnies are well.. It's amazing how each baby behaves differently in the womb!

    It's great that you decided to share the gender, can't wait to find out! :D Your friends are right, no need to spoil the joy because of people who don't deserve it. I already have a guess, let's see if I'm right in a few weeks time..

  5. OMG. I cannot believe you have been on PIO all that time. Poor you! I took it with my first pregnancy but convinced my doctor to switch me to prometrium at about 6 weeks when my husband had to travel abroad and couldn't give me the shots. And with this pregnancy, the clinic in Morocco started me off on prometrium. Goopy, but better than PIO shots any day. Glad it's going well! Looking forward to a gender announcement.

  6. Such good news! I can't wait to hear about the genders! Why are so weird and opinionated about it all?
    How's your little toddler doing?

  7. Woohooo for another fab appointment and lots of meds out of the way! Can't wait to find out the genders!

  8. Congrats on finishing some of the meds. Glad things are going well. for you.