Wednesday, April 14, 2010

VERY happy Guinness update!

I have been very hesitant to post on this topic because it always feels like in the next breath, something could go terribly wrong. However, it also seems unfair to keep such wonderful news from you, particularly with the amount of love, prayers, and good wishes you have sent during this very difficult journey.

While I was making arrangements to go to the U.S., I spoke to both Guinness’ private vet and his vet at UCD regarding my travel plans and apprehension about leaving him. They both assured me that whatever was wrong with Guinness was not life threatening, in that his heart wasn’t going to stop and he would die instantly. The symptoms that plagued my dear boy would not take him while I was away for nearly three weeks. Of course I was comfortable leaving him with my husband, but was nervous because I wouldn’t be around during the day to watch him. It was very difficult to walk out the front door, even with the knowledge that the cats would be well cared for, and knowing how much my husband loves them.

Once I arrived in the U.S., I called daily for updates. For the first several days, I was usually told that Guinness was eating fairly well, having an episode or two, but would usually climb into my husband’s lap and rest until he felt better (usually baby boy is in my lap in the evenings and when he doesn’t feel well). Over the next several days, my husband said that he had been episode free in the evenings, though who knows what was happening during the day when nobody was home to watch them. Days went by and Guinness’ appetite continued to improve, he was actively playing with Bella, and seemingly, episode free. I was thrilled with the news, but nervous that “normal” would return when I got back to Dublin.

When I arrived at home, Guinness ran up the stairs and stared at me cautiously through the rails on the banister. It took several minutes for him to feel safe enough to approach me. Since then, he has been nearly inseparable. I wish I could put into words the drastic change that has occurred. He is nearly 100%, back to normal. He plays, runs up and down the stairs, “talks” all the time, chases Bella, has a hearty appetite, and best of all, he has been episode free for weeks. I wasn’t sure if he would remember our routine of bedtime snacks in the evening, he does. Even better, he not only eats all of his snacks, he then climbs over and lies either on my chest or curls up next to me with his front legs and paws on my chest, often putting his face near mine to give me soft kisses on the nose. He’s quite the snugglepuss.

I don’t know what changed; perhaps the antibiotics helped after all; perhaps he is growing out of horrible symptoms that ravaged his little body for so long. One thing is certain, we couldn’t have come this far without your constant support and loving words. Thank you.

A picture from this afternoon of a very healthy and active Guinness

The fur is coming in nicely on the back of his head.

PS- Bella is doing well too. She is her normal, sassy self and seems to be enjoying that her playmate is feeling good again (the hissing and swatting have ceased). I’ll try to get some pictures of them together in the next few days.


  1. OMG, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I also dreaded updates because I was so worried for the little guy and for a while it seemed like he might not make it. I'm so relieved that he has recovered! yay!

  2. Oh C this is awesome, awesome news! So glad Guinness is back to his usual self and he looks so happy. Yeah for great news!

  3. Yes! Knocking on wood that the improvement continues for the next 20 years at least.

  4. I was wondering where Guinness was and who was watching him while you were away. I am so, so, so glad to hear that he's doing so well! :) Hopefully, it's all in the past!!!

  5. So pleased for you all that your boy is back!

  6. Oh wow - that Guinness is one special cat and you have am amazing bond. Such wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. I wonder how your cats will feel about their baby brother or sister?

  7. I'm so happy you posted updates!! I still watch Patches like a hawk, I'm totally obsessed with the fact he may just be pretending to eat (he seems to chew but then spits it out) and is in fact the Dude who polishes both bowls...thank you so much for your words on Patches, I definitely let you know if I need something! Much love and very well done Guinness!!

  8. So happy G is doing better. Fluffy his lying right beside me on the couch (on his back under my left arm) and is watching me type. What would we do without these little guys?