Thursday, April 22, 2010

more to add to the story.......

You know, the story that’s going in the book I plan to write when my husband retires. Which right now, feels like a billion years away.

Today I had meetings, lots and lots of meetings. Unfortunately I can’t share the nature nor the outcome of said meetings, but oh will they ever go in my “tell all” book. There is one situation in particular that has been dragging on since oh, we arrived, 19 months ago. You FS peeps can probably imagine what this pertains to and why I’m the one dealing with it.

To be fair, I’m sure that some of the responsibility lies with me because after the first solid 10 months of dealing with said situation, I backed off, got lazy, felt defeated, whatever you choose to believe. Well, now we’re expecting a baby and I want things done. Personally I think that 19 months is more than enough time, but I’m not in the FS, I’m just a spouse, so what do I know.

In January, some new department heads came in, so I brought the situation to their attention. Then went through the “proper” channels and procedures, and hoped for resolution. Wishful thinking. Then it went to person A, then to person B (both of whom I met with and both of whom had wildly different ideas on policies and procedures). Then department X was brought in, then department Y and Z, add person C, D, and F. Then add two meetings with person F, and jumping through all of the hoops that person F asked for. Well, now enter person G who is dealing with the aftermath that person F left in his/her trail, prior to leaving forever and ever. Goodbye

I will say that my favorite part of all of this has been when people look me right in the face, smile, and tell me to enjoy the pregnancy. Umm, not sure which part I’m supposed to enjoy, dealing with the above situation, fighting with Company B for maternity coverage, injecting heparin into my sore, bleeding body twice a day. (Yes, I’m beyond thankful to be pregnant; it would just be a lot more pleasant if life were somewhat normal)

So here we are, no resolution, more meetings scheduled for tomorrow and next week, and true to the FS way, even more people getting involved.

Err, which part of this is fun?

And PS, going to the pharmacy after leaving the meeting only to find out that I need a ****** prescription for baby aspirin did NOT help my already foul mood.


  1. Once again so much red tape. So sorry you have to deal with this sh*t girl. Oh I loved your last post on the tmi shopper, what a loser. Its happened to me before, not in a maternity store, but in a dressing room of Macy's, that story should be a blog post, but it would attract too many perverts. Gotta love people man. xoxo

  2. I can't for the life of me imagine to what your meetings pertain, but I hope you get some sort of resolution.

    And I understand totally what you're going through with your pregnancy. Oh, too well. Many hugs to you.

  3. You know, I too thought pregnancy was suppose to be a lot easier than this! The nausea and headaches have completely kicked my butt to where I can't handle jack! Hope that eventually this gets easier for all of us!

  4. What a total nightmare!

    I'm so sorry that you're having SO much trouble with all the red tape and insurance woes.

    Sorry to be a stranger, but I've been so behind in commenting...I'm still reading, honest! The story about the girl in the maternity!

    Thank you for continuing to leave wonderful messages of support for me!

  5. Oh C I'm so sorry you have so much bureaucracy to go through. Try and keep calm as much as possible. I wanted to thank you so much for your support for Patches and the Dude, we just got a call from the vet that he actually tested negative to both FIP (imagine...this was much more likely to give a positive results which could have been misleading, but it's negative!) and toxoplasmosis. We still don't know what is wrong with him but I thank the vet for not rushing in putting him to sleep. Love, Fran

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