Saturday, May 22, 2010

a brief escape during the move last week….

The cats were sequestered in an upstairs bathroom during the move last week. They had ‘some’ of the comforts of home, a cat box, food, water, favorite blankets, etc.. It was fairly quiet, an occasional meow from Bella, but overall, quiet.

Around 1pm, the movers had gone outside to have lunch, my husband was in the kitchen, I came around the corner and saw Bella walking down the stairs. “CATS”, I yelled. I wasn’t sure if Guinness had already made it through the foyer to the open front door or not. My husband came running; I chased Bella back up the stairs, and MUCH to my relief, saw Guinness dash into the master bedroom. Bella quickly followed him in, then the little miss had the nerve to turn around and hiss at me, likely knowing that I was there to capture her and return her to the bathroom.

My husband had secured the doors on the main floor, then ran up to assist with the cat catching. Bella went into a guest room, where she was quickly rounded up. Guinness stayed in the master bedroom and darted in and out from behind boxes, until he too was finally captured.

Both cats were returned to the bathroom with a guard (my husband) posted at the door. Yeah, I had forgotten that Guinness knows how to open door handles and let himself out.

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