Friday, May 14, 2010

moving- hour two

Three months ago, a nice man from the moving company came to do a preliminary inventory and give an estimate, “just in case” we decided to move. Two weeks ago he came back to do another inventory, and to drop off some boxes and tape, you know, because I was going to pack. Hey, good intentions.

Five minutes before his second visit, I had been told that instead of just taking our personal items, we were now supposed to take the furniture we wanted, too. I called the “powers that be” to confirm, and told yep, take the furniture. Unfortunately nobody had bothered to inform the moving company, so when the nice man arrived, he had to re-do the bid. He said that with the added furniture he would either need an additional day or more men. “MORE MEN”, I just about shouted. He said that he would speak with the “powers that be” and that the movers would be here on the arranged date.

This morning four men arrived. “Ummmm,” I said as I nervously peeked outside hoping to see at least three or four more. Nope. As soon as they walked through they told us that this would be a two-day move. NO!!!!! Unfortunately yes. I don’t know who dropped the ball. It was either the “powers that be” or the moving company. Either way, we were prepared for boxing, loading, moving, unloading, un-boxing, done. Now it’s going to be boxing, loading, boxes spend the night in the truck, truck comes back tomorrow, unloading, un-boxing.

I ran upstairs, err, I walked up carefully, grabbed a toothbrush and other toiletries, change of clothes, then went to the kitchen to rescue cat dishes and food before they were packed.

So much for an easy, one-day, in-town move.

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