Monday, May 10, 2010

nesting to the extreme

Some women sew curtains, some women scrub the floors, some women re-organize the kitchen cabinets, I, move to a new house. Yes, one of the situations mentioned in some of my rather cryptic posts has finally been resolved. I didn’t want to say anything until it was signed, sealed, and delivered, but now that everything is official, I’m THRILLED to announce that we are moving, on Friday. This, is the ultimate in nesting.

The good and the bad.

First the bad….
I’ve been busy, busy, busy lately, too many appointments and commitments. That means that the normal cleaning, organizing, and packing I do before a “typical move”, (I’ll wait while you FS readers laugh at ‘typical move’) hasn’t been done. The movers will be here bright and early on Friday morning and nothing is ready. EEP!

We are also losing the biggest garage/ basement/ ultimate storage area I’ve ever seen in a FS residence. So of course I’m now scrambling to find things to throw away, donate, or send back to the States. Fortunately the embassy is taking donations for a local charity and my husband has already taken one full SUV load over. I haven’t yet broken the news to him that there is another load, or two, to take.

There is also a teeny-tiny time crunch. I have approximately three weeks to pack, move, unpack, organize, set up the new house, etc, before heading back to the U.S. (more on that later).

Now, the good news...
The new residence is about ½ a mile from the current house, so it’s not like we won’t see our stuff for 3+ months. This will be the easiest FS move ever. I’m hoping that the movers will gently box up our things, transport everything the short distance, and voila, done.

Aside from a major lack of storage, the new house seems perfecto! My husband’s commute to work is still a mere hop, skip, and jump, the neighborhood is lovely, and the house has been very well maintained (from what we’ve seen).

So goodbye electricity issues, goodbye plumbing problems, and goodbye mold. New house, we’ll be there on Friday!


  1. Oh wow!! please ask if you think we can be of help! Are you still in the D4 area? Will you post pics of the new place? Love, Fran

  2. Thanks! Yep, still in Ballsbridge :)

  3. Hurray!!!! :-)

    Love, S

  4. Congrats on your soon to be new digs. I think you are lucky in that the FS pays for moving and transporting things back to the States if you need huh? I assume they would, which is very cool. Anyway how exciting, hope it goes smooth, you SO deserve some smoothness girl. xoxo

  5. "I’m hoping that the movers will gently box up our things, transport everything the short distance, and voila, done." Bite your tongue, girl, you don't want to jinx that!!

  6. On one of our moves years back we did a short distance move and Scott actually had the ba**s to say to me, "it's only 1/2 mile, we don't need boxes" response....BAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAHHHAAAAAA! and then a few swear words...or fifty.

  7. LOL about no boxes. I can totally see him saying that. I also have no doubt that you did end up using boxes ;)