Monday, December 21, 2009

more intralipids

Sorry for the long silence; there really hasn’t been much happening. Today I had another intralipid appointment. I brought in treats for both the front office staff and medical staff. They seemed to appreciate some sweets for the holidays.

During the infusion, the nurse asked if she could bring another patient back, which I was fine with. I wasn’t sure what to expect because in the waiting area, nobody talks to each other. I was envisioning being trapped in uncomfortable silence for over an hour. The other patient walked in, I introduced myself, and the conversation started. Of course it probably helped that we were sitting a foot away from each other, our infusion bags hanging from the same IV pole. Anyway, she was just lovely.

We had a nice chat about infertility, IVF, intralipids, and area hospitals. It just amazes me that regardless of where in the world you are from, currently live, etc, infertility knows no bounds, the feelings are the same, and the bond between infertile women forms quickly. Within minutes we were laughing about the “regular” people who complain about getting flu shots, snickering about people who “just have sex”, and rolling our eyes about the dumb things people say. We exchanged medical histories, diagnosis, and hope for each other. Where else is it completely appropriate (almost expected) for strangers to share the most intimate aspects of their lives than at the fertility clinic. LOL. Overall a good appointment and my new friend helped the time pass quickly. My next intralipid appointment and ultrasound are scheduled for January 4.

PS- I finally remembered to ask the nurse about the intralipid dose. It’s 4ml of 20%, mixed with saline.


  1. Isn't it amazing the kinship IF'ers share? I bet it made your time pass a little more quickly to have that conversation. It's always nice to know that you are not alone...

  2. It's one of the few upsides of infertility, you're instantly united with other women going through the same thing. I'm glad you had someone to spend the time with! I can't wait till you are out of quarantine and we can catch up :)

  3. Very neat!

    It's crazy how we are all connected, no?

  4. common threads and all that...


  5. I am Ana from Romania.I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Year!!!

    Thank you very much for the information about the dosage of intralipid, it helps me so much.

    Kisses from me!!!