Saturday, December 12, 2009

so sick

Where have I been for the past several days? Mostly on the bathroom floor. I had a really bad reaction to the PIO injections combined with the Crinone. I won’t go into details, other than to say, I was really sick and in a lot of pain from Tuesday evening through Friday afternoon.

By Wednesday afternoon it was clear that I needed help/ medicine, but I didn’t want to bother the RE (yeah, I know, dumb), so I went to the pharmacy. They didn’t come close to having what I wanted, but I was ready to settle for something else and made the mistake of asking the pharmacist what ingredients it contained, mumbled something about being eight weeks pregnant, only to have the item grabbed away. NOT HAPPY. So yes, they actually refused to sell it to me. Of course that is the only pharmacy remotely near the house, so home I went, defeated, still sick, and still in pain. I was in tears, wishing that Target, CVS, or Walgreens were an option.

By Wednesday night, I was seriously considering the hospital (yes, it was that bad). Of course that leads to which hospital. The private hospital that I would prefer is far from the house, ER closes at 6pm (yes, you read that correctly), and doesn’t take pregnant patients. I wasn’t sure if the maternity hospital would take me (clearly not thinking straight by this point). The urgent care type place doesn’t take pregnant patients and likely would have just told me to go to the hospital, which leads to the other choice, the public hospital. While it’s close, and I’m sure the care is fine, it’s still public, crowded, and likely overflowing with flu patients, which I don’t need to be around due to being immuno-suppressed. The other issue is that due to overcrowding, if they decide to admit a patient, the patient often lies on a trolley (hospital bed) for up to three days in the hallway of the ER. I have seen it with my own eyes while on hospital tours, and just the thought was enough to keep me home.

On Thursday I still hadn’t called the doctor, (again, stupid, I know). Basically after several days of drugging myself with “safe” medicine I had around the house, some “safe” home remedies, a lot of tears, rest, some screaming, etc.. I appeared to be on the mend. By Friday afternoon I even managed to eat some solid food.

As of today, it seems that I’ve recovered, and lesson learned, just call the doctor next time. Oh, and place a HUGE order to, just to have certain items on hand.

Regarding the pregnancy, I’m now 8 weeks, 2 days and I thought the PIO injections were helping with the bleeding and cramping, but I think I was just in too much pain and too sick to be paying attention this week. Tonight the cramping is horrible. I have another ultrasound on Monday, holding my breath that there is still a heartbeat.

Tomorrow will be spent catching up on emails, message boards, and blogs. I’ve missed all of you!


  1. You poor thing, that sounds horrendous! Glad you are feeling a little better, and keeping everything crossed for a lovely heartbeat on Monday.

  2. My gosh, all of that sounds like a nightmare! Glad you are feeling better!!!

  3. Oh gosh - that sounds scary! It sounds like you had some options but none of them really viable options. You poor thing. I am hoping so hard for you and your precious little babe. I will be stalking you on Monday and hoping for great news. BTW where do you live in Ireland? It sounds like the middle of nowhere but I thought you lived in Dublin?

  4. Oh, how awful!

    I hope you're on the mend now.

    Big, HUGE ((HUGS))

  5. Yes, we are in Dublin, but in the suburbs, and there's just not much around :(

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed today!
    Sorry to hear you've been feeling so ill, hope you get better quickly :)