Tuesday, December 29, 2009

goodbye Caesar salads

I know that pregnant women are supposed to be careful regarding what they eat and drink, which I am. However, never in my wildest dreams, okay nightmare, did I think it would be difficult to find “safe” Parmesan cheese in Dublin.

Last week we purchased the same brand of fresh, Parmesan shavings that we’ve bought for over a year, only to bring it home and discover that it’s made with unpasteurized milk.

What??? This is not fancy, European cheese. This is store brand, regular, old Parmesan. Unfortunately all of the other Parmesan in the store is also made with unpasteurized milk. One of my first outings will be to search for “safe” cheese. Maybe I’ll be able to find it in a specialty cheese shop.



  1. That has to be SO frustrating!

    Hope you find some "safe" cheese soon!

  2. While pregnant, I tried to avoid Caesar salads, deli meat, deli cheese... some people might think that's strange, but I read that pregnant women have a 20-times greater risk of contracting listeriosis. So many scary things!

  3. This is a most depressing post! I hope you find some suitable cheese stat!

  4. check out this post and the comments from a favorite website of mine and see what you think about Ceasar Salad after reading it. I thought it was helpful to read stuff that was not scaremongering. Good luck!