Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, with a twist, SNOW!

That’s right, we had snow. Very unusual for Dublin, particularly in our neighborhood since we are so close to the Irish Sea. We didn’t have a lot of snow, but it was cold enough to stay around for a few days.

On Saturday I had a big outing, well, big for me these days (can’t wait for house quarantine to be over). I had a hair appointment! It was so nice to get dressed up, go into public (even if it’s only a 10 minute walk), and be mildly pampered. I love my salon and the woman that cuts my hair does a great job. She always begins with a shampoo and head massage. As if that isn’t enough, the chair provides a nice back massage during the shampoo. I would have stayed all day if given the chance. Anyway, hair is cut and it was nice to get out of the house.

In other news, I have another ultrasound and intralipid infusion tomorrow morning. It’s been almost three weeks since my last ultrasound, which seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Hopefully everything is okay. If so, I will be officially released to the OB.

I’m really not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I have decided to set a few New Year’s goals.

As soon as I’m released from house quarantine, I’ll start walking again in the mornings. IVF meds and bed/ couch rest have not been kind to my body.

I would like to read at least one book a week, then donate it. I’m so tired of hauling books around the world. The weight adds up fast and we have to pay per pound for everything over a certain weight. So, some books will stay, some will be donated. I think it’s a great time to work on this project since Ireland is an English speaking country. I just need to find out if the library takes donations.

Along the lines of donating books, I’m going to do a major purging of the house inventory. We have way too much stuff, and I’m tired of looking at it and dealing with it. Plus I hate clutter, and knick-knacks, and general items that we don’t use and don’t need. I haven’t told my husband of this project yet, as I’m sure it will not be a pleasant conversation. He is what is commonly known as a pack rat. Not a good characteristic if you have chosen a career which requires you to move every few years. I love the man dearly, I do not love his stuff. It’s time for storage, donation, or the rubbish bin.

The other goal is to get back into the habit of trying a new recipe or two every week. Also at risk of being donated are my cookbooks. It’s time they prove themselves or out they go. I’ve already donated the majority of those that I wasn’t able to use (lack of ingredients in certain countries) or that didn’t appeal to me, but as I mentioned above, cookbooks = weight, out they go.

I feel like I’m missing a few goals, but those are the first that pop into my head, so there you go.

I’ll update tomorrow after the appointment.

A very happy new year to everyone. May all your dreams come true in 2010!


  1. ooh, giving away books is impossible for me. Good luck, you're braver than me!

  2. The great thing about the Internet is that you can always find a recipe - maybe not your grandma's tried and true one, but enough to get the job done. All our recipe books ( which I never looked at) are in storage (another story!!!), so I use the Internet and now have a binder of ones I've printed out. Good luck with the purging - it's a constant topic here too! Happy New Year, fx for your ultrasound and the snow looks so pretty!

  3. If your local library doesn't take book donations then most charity shops do. There's even an Oxfam Books shop in Temple Bar and the love to get new novels. Great goal!

  4. Thanks Beth. I completely forgot about Oxfam. Great suggestion!

  5. I recommend an ebook reader (I love my Sony). It won't replace my favorite books but its good for those disposable fiction books I tend to pick up.

  6. Denise, I will definitely look at the Sony. I was leaning toward the Kindle, but I honestly haven't looked at any of them that closely. I just need to make sure that I can download overseas, which I don't think some of them do :(