Sunday, January 10, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

That’s right, we have more snow in Dublin. We did not have a white Christmas, but January is more than making up for it. The airport was closed for several hours yesterday, it’s already been announced that schools will be closed until Wednesday, and it has been cold.

The cats are finding ways to stay warm.

Guinness in bed

Bella under some blankets on the couch

Bella on the couch again

sharing the fire


  1. Those fireplace pictures kill me every time! They're so dang cute!!!

  2. Sweet cats - snow makes for snuggly weather. Is that your house ( exterior)? It's gorgeous:) hope your pregnancy is going well - despite all the injections and treatments you are doing:)

  3. Nope, not our house. The snow coverage was a bit better on this roof than on ours.

  4. Snow is melting here already and the slush left behind is not that nice to have! My favourite doctor is L...I have the feeling is probably everyone's best friend in there! Love, Fran

  5. Fran, I adore her; she's so sweet. She is the expert at finding "hiding ovaries" and did all of my scans for IVF. I miss her already.