Thursday, January 21, 2010

we have water, for now

On Tuesday the water returned, and not a moment too soon. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that our access to indoor plumbing will continue. You can guess how I feel about that.

Last Friday we had been told that the water in the area was turned off to repair pipes that had frozen during the early, January freeze. Since that time, more stories/ theories have emerged. I’ve now heard that during the "Celtic Tiger" (Ireland’s rapid economic boom), the city didn’t put money into upgrading the water treatment facilities, leading to an insufficient amount of drinkable water. I’ve heard/ read that insurance companies told customers to keep their faucets running full force during the recent cold weather to prevent pipes from freezing, thus leading to wasted water. I’ve heard/ read that many people are wasting water in their homes, taking longs showers, letting the taps run while brushing teeth, etc. Whatever the reason/s, the water storage tanks are at an all time low and many people are without water. It’s been reported that it could take 5-6 months to get water levels back to normal and pipes repaired. EEK!

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  1. We had about 4 days where our cold water was turned off around 8pm and turned back on around 5am. Our hot water is boiling hot, so I couldn't even wash the dishes until the next day when the cold came back on. I wasn't thrilled that this happened, but a little notice would have been nice.