Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guess who’s sick now?

My sweet Guinness. On Saturday night he sneezed a few times, but I wasn’t too concerned. It could have been anything, dust, change in weather…. Sunday he was sneezing and pawing at his nose. Both yesterday and today he’s spent most of the day resting on our bed. Otherwise he is sprawled across my stomach, sleeping or looking up at me with those big eyes. He sneezes and sleeps, that’s about all.

Yesterday I had to update the vet regarding his meds and leg “episodes” and mentioned the sneezing to her. I told her that I would rather not bring him in again as it’s cold outside, the discharge from his nose is clear, and she’s already seen him so many times recently. She agreed and said to call if the discharge changes color or he seems worse. Her guess is that he picked up a viral illness after starting the Prednisone since it weakens the immune system. Yes, the same Prednisone that I was on from October through mid-January, hence one of the reasons that the doctors put me on house quarantine.

I’ll continue to watch my boy and will take him to the vet if he gets worse, or doesn’t start to improve by later this week. I’m scheduled to speak with the vet again on Friday regarding his ongoing issues with his legs.

poor baby


  1. Poor kitty! My dog and cat always get sick in the spring. Apparently they have allergies. It's actually kind of funny watching them sneeze together. We dose them up with benadryl and they're fine!


  2. Poor boy, I hope he gets better soon.