Saturday, January 16, 2010

first day out, the good, the bad, the good

Since I’m now allowed to leave the house for reasons other than medical appointments, I made plans Thursday. First I met two friends at Starbucks. I was so excited to leave the house, I felt like skipping all the way there (don’t worry, I didn’t). We had a lovely chat and ohhhh, a latte has never tasted so good.

Then I made my way to the building in which my husband works to take care of some things. Fortunately the health unit nurse was in and she was able to get several things accomplished for me, including calling the local pharmacy to ask if they had a particular size of syringe and needle available (not the kind of thing they just willingly sell if you come in off the street), assisting with paperwork to get a prescription ordered from the U.S. (still waiting on the status of that), etc. When I was finished in her office, I went to deal with some housing issues. ::places tape over mouth, pets cat to avoid typing:: Yeah, we won’t mention that meeting, yet. I did run into several friends in the building and was the recipient of many well wishes and congratulations. It felt really weird, but was also very nice.

The sun was out and the weather was just gorgeous. I walked to the pharmacy, picked up the needles and syringes. Even the pharmacist seemed particularly friendly. Then I went to my favorite sandwich place and purchased a freshly made wrap. Yum!

My OB’s receptionist also called several times to ask questions, schedule additional appointments, and that kind of thing. The communication is excellent and they really seem to be on top of things. Though I will say, it was bizarre to schedule the next regular appointment. I will see my OB next week for a few things, but the receptionist also scheduled my February appointment. Huh, I guess people are really expecting me to still be pregnant next month. I suppose it’s time for me to start believing it too.

Other than waiting for answers on a few things that are completely out of my control, it was a very good first day out!

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  1. hi there!

    ran across your blog looking for info on intralipids, and i just had to say that i am right where you are on your remark that "I guess people are really expecting me to still be pregnant next month. I suppose it’s time for me to start believing it too." at nearly 10 weeks, i still say "i know it's early and anything could happen" when telling people, but it's starting to feel silly. such an odd feeling, after soooo long trying, to have everyone else around me asking questions about what color of afghan they should knit! bizarre, indeed.