Thursday, January 21, 2010

guess who has the flu?

Yep, me. Considering that I haven’t been out and about that much, I can only imagine where and when I was exposed, HERE! Nothing like coughing and sneezing health care professionals, IN a hospital. Not happy. For the next few days I’m stuck at home, resting, and drinking warm fluids.


  1. Oh, no!!!! You know, I used to work in a hospital, and they made me feel like I needed to be dying before I could call in sick. It's ridiculous! The sick taking care of the sick! Boo!

    Please feel better!!!

  2. I am so sorry you are sick. That sucks! I hope you get over it soon.

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear you are unwell, get better soon. The nurse today was very nice I'm hoping to have L though next time! nothing can beat my favorite doctor! Fran

  4. ooh not fun at all! I seem to spend a lot of time using hand sanitizer these days in an effort not to get sick but I know it's probably futile!
    Hope you feel better soon:)