Thursday, January 21, 2010

update on Guinness

We took the cats to the vet on Monday for their yearly vaccines. Our fabulous vet “S” was able to meet Bella for the first time. She ooohed and ahhhhed over my girl, and how beautiful she is, even giving her a snuggle. Have I mentioned how awesome our vet is? Bella received a quick exam, an injection, and a clean bill of health.

“S” took Guinness out of his carrier and asked if he’d had any more “episodes” lately. Of course he had. As I’ve mentioned before, a few times a week (always in the evening), Guinness develops a strange gait, appears to be in some amount of distress, and occasionally has become confused, walked into cabinets, and vomited, earning himself an immediate trip to the vet. Physical exams, blood work, and a sterile urine culture have turned up nothing but a healthy, happy 2 year-old feline.

Much to our surprise, while having the conversation about Guinness, “S” set him on the floor and he began to walk funny. We all watched him for a minute, “S” had another vet come in to observe, and between the two of them, came up with a possible diagnosis. They think our boy has Myositis, a weakness of the muscles, which can cause gait abnormalties. It’s either immune related or caused by an infection, likely before we adopted him since he’s strictly indoors. The only way to get a conclusive diagnosis is to biopsy his muscles in several places, which we’d like to avoid if at all possible; I really don’t want to put him through that. I’ve also read that the blood work usually comes back normal (it always has), but often the anti-nuclear antibodies show up elevated if it’s autoimmune. We’ve not had his immune system tested yet, but how strange would it be if Guinness had elevated ANA like I do.

For now he’s on a round of antibiotics and Prednisone.

The antibiotics have to be given with food or coated in butter. So far he’s tolerating them well, but it’s so awful to force pills down his throat. My husband holds Guinness, I’m the pill pusher. The poor boy buries his head into my husband’s chest, using his feet to try to push me away. It breaks my heart, but it must be done. Since starting the new meds, Guinness has not had another “episode”. I’m scheduled to speak with “S” tomorrow, and we’ll decide how to proceed from here.


  1. Poor G! Coated in butter? That's a new one!

  2. Poor Kitty! I hope this new treatment helps him.

    We actually have the vet come to the house as Fluffy gets super upset about travelling. Sharky complains about the car, but loves EVERYONE so is no trouble.