Thursday, January 7, 2010

cats and laptops don’t mix

Monday night my laptop was sitting on the coffee table, trackball attached with a cord. While I was in the kitchen, Guinness somehow managed to get his back leg caught in the trackball cord. I heard him “screaming” and came running into the living room, just in time to see him spinning in the air, becoming more and more upset (understandably), and the laptop flying to the floor. The cord was wrapped around his leg several times and was getting tighter. I grabbed him and tried to get his leg loose, which of course resulted in some deep scratches and puncture wounds on my hand (I’m fine). Somehow I freed Guinness, who spent the next several minutes limping.

At first we had planned to let him recover on his own, as the leg didn’t appear to be broken or out of place. He attempted to go up the stairs, made it up three steps, came tumbling down, and vomited. Off to the vet we went.

Guinness before leaving for the vet.

Fortunately our fabulous vet had JUST returned from a three-week vacation. We joked that Guinness had missed her so much, that he injured himself so that we would bring him in and he could hear all about her holiday. She gave him a thorough exam, nothing was broken, and of course the little stinker was walking just fine. Since he has had issues with his hind legs in the past, we will decide how to proceed (maybe meds, an x-ray) when he has fully recovered from this latest injury. For now the boy is on pain meds and tolerating them well.

It’s very unfortunate that he hurt himself, but just like any other critter, when he isn’t feeling well, he wants his mommy. Awww. He’s been constantly at my side or on my lap. He’s also started a new trend of waiting for me in bed. On Monday evening we couldn’t find him and my husband finally came downstairs and said that he had located Guinness, curled up under the covers, on my side of the bed.

This is how we’ve found him the past few nights.





  1. Ohhwwwwww the poor thing! Adorable!! Fran

  2. He's beautiful. Then again, I have a penchant for black cats. I think I'm in love with mine. Don't tell my hubby (he probably knows) ;)

  3. He is too cute! I'm glad he seems to be ok. Cats can get into all kinds of trouble. Mine is clumsy...she's not graceful like a cat should be. She has even tripped going up the steps. It's quite funny when it happens. I love it when my cat gets under the covers with's when she's at her sweetest.

  4. Poor little boy, hope he feels better very soon!

  5. My kitten got bit by another cat a couple months ago. Since then, she has slept with me every night, and even yells at me if I'm not in bed on time. Felines are so demanding.

  6. Poor guy so glad he's ok. He is adorable!

    You know I did not even your know you're pregnant (been traveling and not blog reading) so a very late congratulations my friend, such awesome news to read. Seems alot of "us" are turning up pregnant this year, i too hope to be counted among the pregnant in 2010, we'll see.

  7. Poor baby! I hope he's feeling much better now. Cathy