Tuesday, December 8, 2009

update on Guinness

Yesterday morning he must have known that he had to return to the vet to give a urine sample. My poor Guinness sat in the master bathroom and cried, and that was before he knew that I’d brought the carrier in from the garage. I’d slept with an old pillowcase the night before so he’d have something with my scent on it, so I put that into the carrier and then we put Guinness in.

Fortunately the clinic is only about five minutes away, but it was five minutes of crying that kitty cry of “mommy, why are you doing this to me, where are you taking me” cry. Broke my heart. We dropped him off and the vet assistant promised to keep the pillowcase in the kennel with him.

I waited several hours and called for an update. He still hadn’t urinated, though I had a long conversation with the vet. I told her that I really didn’t think that he was diabetic (not symptomatic and too young) and that I also thought the low phosphate level in his blood was secondary to the vomiting on Thursday night. She completely agreed with me and said that at this stage they are just trying to rule things out. Her only suggestion was to eliminate his evening wet food and keep him on dry only, so that’s what we’ll do.

She called about an hour later to let me know that she’d been able to get a sterile urine sample from Guinness. It showed that he’s a healthy, young boy. So yeah, basically still no answers. We drove to the clinic to pick him up and speak with her in more detail. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about her, extremely pleased with her clinical skills and caring nature. I had written a Christmas card for the clinic and specifically included some things about our vet in the note, so hopefully it will be passed on to the clinic director.

We brought Guinness home and he was promptly greeted by a hissing Bella (first time), possibly because he smelled strange and had been away. Later in the evening she also swatted him in the nose, very odd. Anyway, he is home, hasn’t been sick since Thursday, has entirely “perplexed” the vet, and seems relieved that his carrier was returned to the garage. He's currently lying across my lap, looking up at me and purring.


  1. So glad your guy is doing okay! If your other cat doesn't warm up to him by this evening, you could take a towel, rub it all over him, then rub it all over her. That usually helped with my two when one came back from the vet. It it heart breaking to watch!

  2. Poor Guinness. What a rough day for him. Our cats always hiss when one arrives back from the vet, I assume too it's from the other cats. I'm glad to hear that he's on the mend. Hopefully he'll forget all about his vet visit in a few days.

  3. Very glad to hear your beloved boy-cat is getting better.

  4. Good for Guinness! He sounds on the mend. That was so cute about the other cat swatting him. When one of my dogs comes back from the vet he and the other have a frantic little dance, wag and discussion and snuff each other. It's so cute! Hope she accepts him back into the fold:)