Tuesday, December 8, 2009

intralipids at the fertility clinic

As I mentioned before, the fertility clinic is now offering intralipids. YES! The clinic is a lot closer to us than the other clinic they contracted with for intralipids (literally all the way across Dublin), not fun with the traffic nightmare here. So yesterday I had my first dose of intralipids at the fertility clinic (fourth dose of intralipids total). I had two of my favorite nurses and one of my favorite REs hooking me up, checking on me from time to time, and doing vitals. Everything went very well and I was able to get new meds and supplies for the progesterone in oil injections that I started last night. I was hoping that I could drop the Crinone, no luck; now I’m on both.

In other news, I had some leftover meds from the FET in Minsk that I wanted to donate before they expired. I decided to take them to the clinic yesterday and see if they could be given to another patient. I wasn’t sure if the clinic would accept them or not, because even though they are within date and they were manufactured in the UK, they are all labeled in Russian. I was thrilled when the RE told me that they could definitely use them. YAY!

On to the PIO injections, so far they aren’t too bad, though I’ve only had two. The actual injection is a bit more noticeable than the heparin and stims because the needle is bigger and solution is thicker, but not awful. The only bothersome aspects are the bleeding after the injection and I’ve noticed that after just two injections, sitting down is a bit uncomfortable, which I can only imagine will get worse. Overall not as bad as I expected and thank you to everyone who left helpful hints in the other post. I really appreciate all of the tips and tricks for the PIO injections!


  1. Glad things went well and that you get to do this at your favorite clinic with the good doc and nurse.

  2. I have lots of left overs which will be good for the next cycle, but I am looking for a pack of Cilest if you were on it yourself! Otherwise I have get two packs of a different pill....mmhh.
    Delighted the PIO went well, I also really don't mind them. I hate the crinone though (of which I have a full box and half of it) and givent hat I won't be on it next time, let me know if you can put it to good use! Love Fran

  3. Hello!I'm very happy for your miracle...I also have an immune problem and I can't getting pregnant for 7 years.I read about your amazing experience and I think I will try too.I have one big problem I live in Romania and here no doctor will prescribe me these type of treatment for autoimmune infertility problem.I asked you what dose of Intralipids give the doctor to you.Thank you very much!

  4. Fran, unfortunately I don't have any Cilest left. Our clinic only prescribed two months of it and if I remember correctly, I was on it for 40ish days and tossed the rest. I'll let you know about the Crinone. I have an appointment on Monday and plan to discuss meds at that time.

    Anonymous, I can't remember what dose of intralipids I'm on, but I will certainly ask at my next appointment and get back to you. It's quite possible that you won't be able to get any type of immune protocol where you are. I know that during my first IVF in Eastern Europe, my RE wouldn't even use heparin until I'd had three losses. I wish you the best and will definitely get back to you on the intralipids.

  5. Thank you very much!I try to convince my doctor about intralipid and heparin,but I have to read all the informations about these on the internet.You are an example for me..
    Thank you!
    ANA - Romania