Thursday, April 9, 2009

medication and money

I finally started unpacking the boxes in my office and came across some old medication. It's the leftovers from last year. A year ago I was already on meds for the FET (frozen embryo transfer). My RE said that he didn't like to do back to back cycles, particularly when there had been a pregnancy, but he understood that time was of the essence. Our lives were still on hold, our stuff had been packed out, it appeared that everyone would be leaving, but nothing was definite. My RE recommended that I order extra medication because I didn't know where I was going or when I was going. If the procedure worked, I would need to be on some of the meds for several months, and I didn't know if/when I would have access to another fertility clinic.


3 boxes of Crinone
2 boxes of Duphaston

I'm really quite angry about having leftovers. It means that the FET didn't work. It also means that we have wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars on medication that I probably can't use. Our rather worthless BC/BS health insurance doesn't cover any fertility treatment, so everything is out of pocket. I assume that my RE in Dublin won't allow me to use the leftover meds or that they will have expired by the time I need them again. If I would have been allowed to stay in Minsk, I could have possibly used them for another cycle, or at least donated them to another patient. I'm not going to throw them out yet, just in case my Irish RE uses the same brands. However, I have a feeling that in the end, the meds are going to end up being a big, expensive waste. Hmm, maybe I should send Lukashenko the bill ;)


  1. It's not to late to send them back...APO to APO is free. You still have plenty of contacts there that can make the donation for you. If you are not able to use them that would at least save them from being wasted.

  2. We don't have APO here, but I could send them back with "C" when she comes to visit. Thanks for the great idea!!