Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter cats

For Easter I had planned to put a pastel ribbon on each cat and take their picture. After mentioning this brilliant idea to my husband, I decided against it. He reminded me that the cats would hate it and it's not like they are going to sit still and pose if there's something fun to play with sitting on their heads. Fine. Brilliant, Easter idea scratched.

Little did I know, he already had an Easter surprise for them. He had purchased two cans of fancy, gourmet cat food as their Easter treat. Bella devoured hers, then moved on to her brother's dish. Apparently Guinness is more of an Iams cat, and whatever brand my husband bought was a little too upscale for the boy. He did enjoy the second can though, likely because I sprinkled some bacon bits on top. Hey, it was Easter.

With full tummies they moved to their favorite spot, lying on the cat scratcher in front of the fire.

first Bella

then Guinness had a turn


I think they enjoyed their Easter treat!

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