Monday, April 27, 2009

electronics (camera and printer needed)

This weekend it became painfully clear that I need to update some of my electronics. After months of urging by my husband, I finally ordered an external hard drive for my laptop. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I backed it up :( Let’s just say the last time I messed with it, I was still speaking German on a daily basis.

I still need a new camera and a new printer.

currently have- a Canon PowerShot S45 and an Olympus C8080
want- camera that takes good pictures, is small enough to throw in a purse, and simple to use

currently have- HP 2110 “all in one”
want- printer that prints pictures. Copy and scan functions would be nice too, though I’ve been told that “all in one” printers usually don’t do a good job of printing pictures.

What do you have, what do you recommend? I’m not particularly brand loyal with electronics though whatever it is has to be Mac compatible. Also, this is only for me, so it's fine if it's pink :)

Thank you!


  1. We just got an HP photosmart C6300. It's a wireless printer which is great for laptops and it has a separate photo paper tray and regular paper. I haven't tried to print any photos yet, but the demo photo it printed was really spectacular. It also has a scanner/copier too.

    My camera is soooo old. I need a new one of those too.

  2. I'm in the market for a new camera too! I'll let you know what my Best Buy trip turns up!