Monday, April 20, 2009

Leopardstown farmer’s market

On Friday a friend invited me to go to a farmer’s market I hadn’t been to before. It’s located at the Leopardstown horse track. There were several booths there that I haven’t seen at the other farmers’ markets around Dublin.

The vendors were all very pleasant and several had samples available. The market had a nice variety of produce, meat products, breads, desserts, even sushi. There was also an espresso bar and eating area. The majority of the booths are located indoors, with just a handful outside. I’m wondering if that will change as the weather improves.

I had a nice conversation with a man from Mexico who offers cooking classes. He also makes his own salsa so I bought a jar of that. We chatted for quite sometime and he seemed impressed with my knowledge of Mexican geography and culture. I wish my husband could have been there. His language skills are amazing and I’m sure he would have enjoyed using his Spanish and talking to the man about the time he's spent in Mexico.

There was a nice selection of fruits and vegetables, much more flavorful than anything available at the grocery store. While picking up a few things I noticed a small box of spargel (white asparagus). I haven’t seen spargel since we lived in Berlin. Spargel season is HUGE in Germany. Every May this delicious vegetable begins to show up in grocery stores, sidewalk stands, and on menus all over the country. It’s absolutely delightful. Of course I just had to buy some. When I went to pay for everything the cashier commented on the spargel. He said that the Irish very rarely buy it, I didn’t ask him why, though probably should have.

I purchased quite a bit more, but here is a picture of the three items that made the day an overall success…
sushi menu

I doubt I’ll be going to Leopardstown every Friday, but it’s definitely worth a trip once in a while.

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  1. Sweet!

    I love when so few things can have such a huge positive impact on your day like that. :-)