Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A for Effort, F for Food

Last week my husband announced that he would be cooking dinner on Sunday. What a nice surprise! Part of dinner included steaming some seafood. When asked what he planned to steam the seafood in, the response was not what I had hoped to hear, "my bamboo steamer of course", he beamed. I have asked him to get rid of the bamboo steamer for four years. He's had the steamer for over a decade and as of Sunday, has used it twice. Maybe he thought I was gearing up for the "it's time to get rid of stuff, what about your steamer" discussion and decided he needed to prove the worthiness of his prized kitchen possession, who knows.

On Sunday, I was banished from the kitchen with a glass of wine. Approximately an hour later he called out that dinner was ready. He told me to enjoy, but he wasn't sure about the seafood because he couldn't find the recipe that he 'usually' uses. We both took a bite and decided it was awful, just awful. It was so bad that when given a piece to try, the cats looked at the calamari, looked up at us, looked at each other, and walked off. Yeah, you know it's bad when even cats turn their noses up at it.

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Before you start thinking, oh her poor husband, he'd be so embarrassed if he knew that she had told anyone this story, between fits of laughter I asked if he would mind if I shared, permission granted.

THIS is still living at my house because as I was told Sunday, "it's the quality of the seafood and lack of having the recipe, not the steamer".

I really do appreciate the effort, though I wish he would just stick to his specialty, grilling. Maybe next time....


  1. This is hilarious! I hear you on the stuff that needs to go. We were 1000 pounds overweight and just received our HHE yesterday... House is a big mess...:-)

  2. Yoka, I'll be thinking happy unpacking thoughts for you! Good luck!

  3. C - this is when you need to be creative and employ tactics like "You mean your steamer isn't here...I could have sworn I saw the movers pack it...or "gee, I don't know how that could have happened - refering to missing part..."

    And yes, it is bad when a cat turns a nose up to seafood of any kind! LOL. Oh well, at least there was wine.