Thursday, April 16, 2009


I really, really dislike chopping onions. Even though I have "good" knives and know how to properly cut an onion, I still find the process tedious. In addition, the enzymes that are released from the onion irritate my eyes. I always wear an old pair of lab goggles when I cut them, but it doesn't help very much, my eyes still water, turn red, and sting.

I've finally had it and I'm going to buy an onion chopper. Below are the three styles I've been researching. If you have any experience, good or bad, would you please comment or email me? Thanks!


  1. My trick to avoiding eye irritation when chopping onions is to put on my contacts.

    If I forget and wear my glasses, I end up crying all over dinner. LOL

  2. I use a food chopper from pampered chef. I've had mine for at least a dozen years. It has served me well.

  3. I have a food processor/chopper similar to the third option and, although I like it and use it a lot, it's probably a bit much if you really only need it for onions. The Pampered Chef chopper already mentioned seems cool (I saw it demonstrated at a party but have never owned one).

  4. The one trick I've found for chopping onions without tears is to rinse the onion, knife and cutting board with cold water right after I peel and quarter the onion, but before I actually chop it. If you start noticing the fumes again before you are done chopping, rinse everything quickly again (use a colander if you need to).