Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it was over...

So by this time last year it was obvious that the FET hadn’t worked. The two embryos hadn’t even implanted. I told my RE that it was over, but he still wanted me to come in for the beta on the 30th. I thought that was strange considering all of the symptoms I was having, but I agreed to have the test the following day.

Later that afternoon I went to the embassy for a bbq. We all basically knew our time in Belarus was coming to an end, so it was as much of a going away party as it was an embassy bbq. Despite the anger, confusion, and frustration we were feeling, everyone had a great time. The food was amazing, so many fun people to visit with, both local and American. It was extremely well organized and I think everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks again “J” for all of your hard work and putting together such a fabulous event!

And now I’m craving shashlik….

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  1. My pleasure! That bbq was so much fun. I had a really great time during and for HOURS after just having a great time with our local friends.