Saturday, April 25, 2009

two naughty cats

Guinness and Bella love to be in the sun. They are not allowed on the kitchen counter or ledge behind the sink, but if the sun is out, I can usually find them there. I just walked in to find this…


  1. Those two are thick as thieves! None of the cats I've owned have ever liked each other, it's be nice to have pair that liked pair that got along.

  2. That is a brilliant photo! They remind me of the cats in Lady and the Tramp. Our two kitties are the best of friends most of the time, but when they start play fighting it can get very rough, and all hell breaks loose :)

  3. The sun is too tempting for any cat! Ours knows not to go on the sofa or the bay window, but I will bet she is there right now.