Saturday, March 27, 2010

flying at 21 weeks 6 days pregnant

March 17, the day that most people are trying to get to Dublin, I was getting out. That’s right, I flew to the U.S. I wasn’t terribly concerned about flying while pregnant; I was more concerned about the number of times I would need to get up. The flight wasn’t full, so the lovely woman at check in blocked the row so I would be able to get up as needed, and stretch out. That lasted until we were in the air and the guy across the aisle noticed the two empty seats next to me. He hopped over, despite me telling him that I would be getting up every 45 minutes (8 hour flight). It actually turned out fine as I wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep anyway, and he was great about getting up when I gave him “the look.” Due to the timing of the flight, I didn’t have to do my heparin injection on the plane, but instead in the women’s restroom at Newark airport. Not the ideal location, but it was okay and I rewarded myself with Starbucks. I am VERY happy to announce that they made my drink correctly, which in 18 months, hasn’t happened at the Starbucks in my neighborhood in Dublin.

The flight from Newark to Minneapolis was even less full, and on a much smaller plane. I had two seats to myself, but again, was horribly uncomfortable and much too excited by that point to rest. There was only one lavatory, which had a fairly consistent line. Eep. I kept looking back, waiting for my opportunity to pounce. I finally heard the woman across the aisle ask the flight attendant about the lavatory, which she said was once again occupied. A minute later I looked back, saw that it was empty, and sprang into action. I felt really bad about “cutting” in line, but by that time I was desperate. Upon landing, the woman across the aisle offered to get my laptop bag down from the overhead bin. Ugh, I felt horrible; I had cut ahead of a nice person. It became even worse at baggage claim when she not only approached me and asked if I needed help with my bags, I didn’t, but also wished me a pleasant evening.

Anyway, I landed in the great USA without incident and to the very kind woman sitting in 10A, my apologies for charging ahead of you to get to the lavatory.


  1. So how long are you over here for? I think you are brave and I feel you on the whole toilet thing - and what's with one toilet on a plane -scary. You must have a good sized bump now, which can excuse many faux pas, so I think you're fine!
    Have fun over here and safe trip back:)

  2. I fly back on April 4. Having so much fun in the U.S. :)

  3. Don't feel bad, she was probably KGB! : )