Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hmmm, what to title this post…

When you can’t say something nice...

No, no, those won’t work, because I am going to say something.

Rarely have I read an article that invokes the level of anger I experienced yesterday that continues on today. I was checking one of my favorite FS (Foreign Service) blogs and was both horrified and saddened to read the author’s latest post. It appears that a man, Matthew Nasuti, who had a brief, but very troublesome relationship with the State Department has decided to write an article about FS life. Having been fired after only two weeks as a contractor and losing numerous frivolous lawsuits against the State Department, he must have felt that this was his only recourse. Fortunately several Foreign Service Officers and spouses have left comments, but that certainly doesn’t prevent the general public from believing this completely fictitious piece.

Other bloggers, particularly Digger at Life After Jerusalem, have addressed this nonsense much more eloquently than I can, but before giving you the link to the article, I will leave you with this.

The author’s comment about American diplomats living in “Embassy bubble complexes” and that the “hardships that diplomats face are therefore zero” leaves me raging. They live in embassy complexes because it’s too dangerous to live elsewhere. When my husband was in Yemen, he had to vary his routine (route and time) daily to get to work safely, not to mention the craziness of Third World traffic. In addition, he had his car searched for bombs when both arriving at work and arriving back at home. Matthew, that doesn’t sound like a hardship to you? Do you not watch the news? Have you not seen what has occurred at the embassy in Sanaa?

Then there’s the all important food (picture me rolling my eyes). “This reporter believes that most Third World countries have better tasting food than one would find in Germany or Great Britain, but to pampered diplomats, who refuse to learn the local languages and are hostile to non-European cultures, Third World countries seem confusing and inhospitable.” Err, seriously? He doesn’t see the difference between eating food in a Third World country versus Germany or Great Britain? Matthew, do we need to spell out the diseases and parasites often found in food and water in Third World countries for you? My husband had to bleach each and every fruit and vegetable he put in his mouth when he lived in Yemen, and even then he was sick for the first few months he was there, and occasionally throughout the next two years. Not to mention having to brush his teeth with bottled water.

I urge you to read the nonsense written by Matthew Nasuti , though remember his history while doing so. PLEASE take the time to read the comments below the article, left by the dedicated men and women of the Foreign Service. Also check out Digger’s post and comments. Right on!

the infamous, arrogant piece of garbage, I mean the article titled, "American Diplomats Shun Hardship Posts in Third World Countries."


  1. He now has the article posted on another site...our folks haven't found it yet, but I posted links to the original article, my post and DiploPundit's. And of course I mentioned his history, since that isn't something he finds worth mentioning.

  2. Perhaps if Cats' husband and his buddies had spent more time outside the bubble in Yemen, U.S. policy would not be in such a shambles and we would have a better relationship with the people there. The article sounds right on point.

  3. Perhaps if anonymous had a better understanding of foreign policy, and the U.S. Foreign Service, anonymous would think before leaving such ignorant comments on a blog. Or even better, why don’t you head on over and spend some time with the local population; I heard it’s a lovely time to visit.