Thursday, March 11, 2010

surprise, surprise, surprise…

Guess who doesn’t have a thiamine deficiency?

Yep. We were told on Tuesday night that just as we suspected, Guinness does not have a thiamine deficiency. This is both good and bad news. Good because it means that I’m not completely crazy, and because Guinness can stop his daily thiamine injections. Bad because it means that we STILL don’t have a diagnosis and because as we have always suspected, it’s likely something very serious.

Next step: Our fabulous vet at UCD is sending Guinness’ urine sample to a university in the U.S. for an organic acid, urine test. It’s very expensive to do, but we are running out of tests and therefore don’t know how or even if, we should treat him.

This next test is for metabolic storage diseases. If the test is positive, we will be devastated (there is no treatment), but at least we will have a diagnosis. It will then come down to quality of life. While he’s not episode free, baby boy is doing remarkably well and is not in any pain. Both his private vet and his vet at UCD agree that there is absolutely no reason to put him to sleep right now. He’s eating, drinking, using the litter box, seeking out affection, cuddling, purring, running up and down the stairs, and has most recently started playing and wrestling with Bella again.

The episodes are brought on by stress and excitement, both good and bad. He has episodes when it’s time for treats or wet food and he has episodes when he’s frightened or at the hospital. Too bad there aren’t spa services for stressed out cats and pregnant women ;)

For now we wait for the test results from the university in the U.S. (it could take up to a month). Depending on how baby boy does in the next few weeks, we will probably try a few medications because well, why not.


  1. I'm so glad the vets are not advising you to put him down. He's obviously so sweet and affectionate. I can't believe it takes that long to get the results back. I guess there is nothing left to do right now other than cuddle the heck out of him. And yay for no more shots.

  2. Thanks for updating us on little Guinness, I wonder if this can just be stress related and so really nothing too serious and manageable. I feel that if there was a physical cause then the episodes would happen randomly, what do you think? I had found a website a little while ago where somebody had developed a specific "tapping" technique for anxious cats, I'll see if I find it again, who knows!!

  3. Unfortunately it does seem to be something serious, particularly since the MRI shows the hyperintensities in his brain. I just wish that somebody could figure this out. His records have been sent to experts all over the globe.

    We've started a new med with him tonight; we'll see if it works. I'll post about this development in the morning. I'm going to bed :)

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  5. Hoping the tests from the States find out something. Poor baby boy, I always think of him and wish him so well. You're such an awesome mommmy to him, well beyond awesome actually but you know that! Keep us posted. xoxo

  6. I'm glad that Guinness is doing better.

    And I'm sure he's happy that the shots will stop now.

  7. how distressing. I hope they figure this out soon!

  8. Hope you are okay. It's been a lomg time since you've posted.