Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me, forget an appointment? Riggghhhhhhhtttttt

Today I had another appointment with the MFM/OB/ Perinatologist dude. He asked how my anatomy scan went to which I replied, “I’m having it today.” To which he asked "when?", and I said, “uh now”.

It turns out that my “anatomy scan” was scheduled for last week and in a different department with a different doctor, but nobody bothered to tell me. I thought that my doctor was doing the scan, today, at the appointment that was written down in my appointment book and on my calendar at home. After a little game of back and forth regarding whether or not I was told (I wasn’t), they are going to try to get the appointment rescheduled for next week, likely at a different hospital. That will be a fun hassle to deal with.

I walked out of today’s appointment feeling sad, disappointed, and angry. Supposedly I was told of the appointment for the anatomy scan back at my first appointment in January. Now, considering that my husband was with me at the first appointment, and that we are both super organized, observant, only children who write EVERYTHING down, wouldn’t it make sense that at least one of us would have written down AND remembered the appointment? Plus, I’ve gone through two IVFs and a FET to get to this point. The anatomy scan is a major milestone; no way would I have forgotten that. Not to mention, I have NEVER in my entire life, been late to or missed a doctor’s appointment, and I’ve had a lot of them. Additionally, I was told today that there is an extra fee for this scan. I would have remembered to bring an extra bank check had I known that. RAGE

Today’s appointment was great in that the baby still has a heartbeat and looks good. The regular ultrasound machine was missing and had been replaced by what looked like an old, small laptop (no paper for pictures :( ) sitting on a rollaway cart. The image quality was um, well, ur, there really isn’t a nice way to describe it. Hopefully one of the local hospitals will be able to fit me in for a scan sometime in the next week.

To top off this lovely day, when I arrived at the pharmacy to pick up more heparin, I was told that the price had increased. Fine. Then I was told the cost. On what planet does generic heparin nearly double in price in 21 days? €66 ($90) for 10 tiny vials of heparin? Fabulous, knowing our insurance company, we’ll probably get $5 of this back.
Tomorrow has to be better, right?


  1. Wow, that sucks. I hope you get a new appointment quickly. Tomorrow will definitely be better. :)

  2. You must have heard what's going on in Irish hospitals...God help us... The important thing is that you will have your scan rescheduled. Damn about the heparin...are you on two a day or just one? And let us know how Guinness is doing! Love, Fran

  3. Fran, EEK! No, I probably don't know. I'm terrible about following local news. What's happening?

    I'm on the heparin twice a day :(

    Just about to update on the boy.

  4. How frustrating!

    I'm glad that they'll reschedule you and the baby looked good today!

  5. hey, new here! hello! Klicked through from Fran, came from LFCA... I'm not sure how much you guys are forking out each month for meds but you can limit it to whatever the max is on the drugs repayment scheme is per couple, per month. I'm sorry, you prob know all about the DPS, but I thought I'd through it in on the off chance. Nice to hear you're doing well despite the c**p with the appointments.

  6. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately since we aren't Irish citizens, we can't use DPS. We have to pay for all medical care and medications upfront, then try (and usually fail) having our insurance company in the U.S. reimburse for things.

    Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to checking out your blog :)