Wednesday, May 27, 2009

angry (mostly with myself)

Yesterday I heard a loud noise and looked out the window to see a moving truck parked at an angle behind my car. It appeared they were working at the neighbor’s house. The truck looked close, really close, but I assumed that if they had actually hit my car, they would have come to the front door. Plus I saw that the back of the moving truck was open, so I assumed the movers had dropped something in the truck, thus explaining the noise.

I should have gone outside, but I didn’t want to confront a big group of guys by myself, plus it would have been obvious that I was going out to look for damage and there were several of them right by my car. As they were leaving, something told me to write down the name of the moving company.

A few hours later I went outside, and sure enough, they hit my car. I’m so angry. I’m angry with them for hitting it and not taking responsibility, but I’m even angrier with myself for not taking care of it immediately. I should have gone outside when it happened; I should have called the Garda (Irish police) and the RSO (regional security officer at the embassy). If you are not in the foreign service you probably think calling the Garda and RSO is a bit dramatic, but it’s actually what we are supposed to do.

I showed the damage to my husband when he came home and of course he asked why I didn’t call him, the police, and the RSO. I know, I know. He is very glad that I didn’t go outside to confront the movers, particularly since I was alone.

I don’t think we will be following up since I didn’t actually see it happen. I realize it’s not horrible damage, but still, my car only has 1200 miles on it and it was parked in my driveway. I’m not ready for bumps and bruises yet :(

The damage….

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