Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Real Gourmet Burgers"

Friday night we had plans to go out with friends. We decided to stay in the neighborhood and dine at a local favorite, "Real Gourmet Burgers". My husband and I had been there several times in the past, but for whatever reason a review never made it into the blog, so here you go.

First, the location can’t be beat. It’s very convenient for everyone in our neighborhood and if you happen to live outside of Ballsbridge, there’s a bus stop directly in front of the restaurant.

Second, the atmosphere is quite pleasant, though it can be a bit loud at times. However you must remember that this isn’t fine dining. If anything it’s an Irish version of Red Robin, though a bit more upscale.

And then there’s the food. Next time we are there, I promise to get a few pictures, but for now a description will have to do. The hamburgers are huge. They are so tall that it’s easier to eat them with a knife and fork. The lettuce is always crisp, tomatoes full of flavor, and the mature Irish cheddar is well, good Irish cheese. Many of the sauces and relishes are made in house and very tasty. Due to the enormous size and height of the hamburgers, I recommend that two people split a side dish (the skinny cut fries with rosemary are delicious). The bar menu is rather limited as the only beer offered is Italian, Peroni, however the wine list is decent and the usual non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Real Gourmet Burger, you are a neighborhood favorite!

The restaurant website is under construction, but look here to view the menu.

A night out with friends in Dublin isn’t complete without a stop at the pub for a pint or two. Lucky for us, there are many in the neighborhood to choose from.

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