Monday, May 18, 2009

floating book fair review

Last Friday we were informed that the “world’s largest floating book fair” would be in Dublin for ten days. My husband and I both love to read so we decided to check it out on Saturday.

We arrived just as they were showing a brief film on how the ship works, information about the all-volunteer crew, and the mission of the organization. It turned out that the ship belongs to a group called Logos Hope. It is a Christian organization that from what I understand, travels around the world selling books and participates in projects such as building schools and orphanages, and provides medical care in developing countries.

The number of books was impressive, as was the selection. They had everything from cookbooks, books on business, reference books, kids books, and of course Christian books. Approximately a quarter of the books are Christian (many from well known authors). The all-volunteer staff was extremely polite and helpful, books were all brand new and well organized.

For my friends with infertility: if being around small children is difficult for you, I would avoid it. There were a lot of families there and lots of little kids running loose. I made it about 30 minutes, but when I overheard a woman tell a young boy to put back a baby name book because “Thank God I don’t need that anymore”, it was time to go.

Overall I’m glad we went; it was interesting to see.

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  1. This sounds like a really great organization!