Sunday, May 17, 2009

disappointment at lunchtime

After going to the Jameson Distillery about ten days ago, we were all hungry and headed over to a restaurant in the same courtyard as the entrance to Jameson. The restaurant was clean, staff was friendly and attentive, and the food was AMAZING. I ordered a half portion of the smoked salmon and caper salad. For a mere 4.50 Euro, I expected a very small portion, little piece of smoked salmon, and a few bits of the other ingredients listed on the menu. Was I in for a surprise, it was huge. Not oh a little bigger than expected, but “err, is this the half portion”? Large pieces of smoked salmon were draped over the crisp lettuce, capers and green olives on the edge of the plate, four dollops of a guacamole mixture, and the dressing was a light lemon and olive oil. As noted earlier, the service was above and beyond. Everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

As we had planned to go to the floating book fair yesterday, my husband asked if I wanted to go out for lunch first. I immediately suggested the restaurant by Jameson, which from our house is quite far. We arrived at the restaurant and I noticed the menu was different. Uh oh!! Sure enough, in just ten days it had changed ownership, new staff, new chef, new menu. My salad was gone. I’m going to speculate that it must have been financially motivated. I would not have been able to buy the ingredients at the store and made the salad myself for 4.50 Euro. I almost felt guilty that it was so inexpensive, like maybe I should have offered more money. It was THAT good and THAT big. Yesterday I ordered the warm goat cheese salad; it was good enough, but nothing like the salad ten days ago.

Chef of the amazing, smoked salmon and caper salad, if you are reading this, would you please contact me and tell me where you are working now?

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  1. That is awesome about the Jameson distillery! Isn't it funny how an unexpected delightful meal just sticks in your mind's eye?