Monday, March 9, 2009

Ask, and you shall receive

To all of you who gave subtle hints, those who asked politely, and even to those who begged, TA DA!   I finally did it!

When I moved overseas almost four years ago, several people asked me to start a blog.  At that time I declined for a number of reasons.  I mean really, how interesting could it be?  Sure different countries, different cultures, different languages, but really, would people enjoy reading about it?  I honestly thought my life would be boring.  I gave up med school to get married and move around the world with my husband.  What would I do with my time I thought, certainly nothing blog worthy.  However, foreign service life has been anything but boring (particularly the past year) and I really do need a way to record the daily ups and downs, so here it is, my blog.  


  1. You will be so glad that you decided to do this. I look back at the past year plus of my blog entries and just! I love your title and I'm sure I'll love your content. Way to put yourself out there - so to speak! Enjoy.

  2. YAY! I just found you via Jodi...
    I am so happy you decided to start blogging and I LOVE the title and your kittehs are beautiful!

  3. Yay CF! :) Good luck with the blog!