Monday, March 30, 2009

He's definitely my cat

Guinness likes to sit in the bookshelves. If he's upstairs, he can usually be found in the office hiding behind the pregnancy books. If he's downstairs, he's usually on the bookshelf with the travel books. Apparently he has decided to broaden his horizons and is now into etiquette.

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  1. Hi C, I just found your blog via Lost and Found. So sorry to hear about your loss last year. I'm an Irish infertility blogger, living in Co Tipperary. I'm also a cat owner (or should I say I am owned by two cats!). Please feel free to pop over and visit my blog.

    We started ttc almost three years ago. We have suffered a number of losses along the way, and I am now on clomid and hcg injections. I know what a long lonely road this can be, but I can't possibly imagine what it's like to go through this when you are so far away from home. Wishing you good luck with your upcoming treatments.
    All the best,