Friday, March 27, 2009

water woes

I like to drink water. Specifically cold water with a lot of ice. The problem with this is that I detest tap water. Just the thought of filling up a glass directly from the sink makes me nauseous.

In Berlin I purchased this

In Minsk we had a water distiller, similar to this

Oh how I miss that thing!

Now in Dublin we are back to using the Brita pitcher. There is only one problem, mold. Mold that is growing inside the pitcher. I've changed the filter, bleached it, scrubbed it down with isopropyl alcohol and water, and the mold continues to grow back. NASTY!

As I mentioned above, the thought of drinking water directly from the faucet is disgusting to me, imagine how I feel about drinking water out of a moldy, Brita pitcher. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

The second water woe...
When I pour of glass of water, I never get to enjoy it alone. As soon as I turn my back, a four legged critter has her, or his, face in the glass. Apparently "people" water tastes better than oh say, the perfectly good, refilled twice a day "cat" water at their feeding station.

Clearly I'm nuts because sharing water with my cats doesn't bother me nearly as much as drinking water from a moldy Brita pitcher.


  1. A friend of mine used one of these and loved it. Plus she could take it to go. Not sure if you'll have the same mold issues, but at least it will keep the furry friends out!

  2. I had a cat who would drink out of the water I kept at my bedside. I would wake up when the little bits of water would splash me in the face. Gotta love kitties. I'm not completely understanding the mold's growing while it's in the fridge?

  3. CaraBee,thanks for the suggestion!

    Yes, the mold is growing inside the pitcher, even in the fridge.