Monday, March 30, 2009

First road trip to Belfast= SUCCESS!!!

On Saturday we drove up to Belfast to do a little shopping. We had a great day and accomplished everything on the list, including stocking up on a few things at IKEA. Of course the most important errand was to purchase a "Northern Ireland" mug for my collection.

1. stop at Starbucks in our neighborhood to get my morning latte
2. drive to Belfast
3. shopping center (Starbucks)
5. grocery store
6. stop at Starbucks for another latte and to buy the mug
7. drive back to Dublin

Do you see the pattern here? Now, if only Nordstrom were international......

The other big news from Saturday...

It took 18months, several countries, and six months of storage, but my car FINALLY has 1000 miles on it!! (this picture was taken in a relatively safe way)


  1. That's quite a milestone~

  2. I had to take a picture of it since the big joke was as to whether or not my car would ever be driven enough to reach this point. Considering what happened, I'm SO glad we didn't cave and get the windows changed.