Thursday, March 19, 2009

Never Shake Your Baby, but what about your cat?


One of the commercials that AFN watchers are/ were subjected to overseas is "Never Shake Your Baby".  commercial

I really thought about the title and linking the commercial to this post, however, I knew that any of you who are subjected to the AFN commercials over and over and over would find the humor. For the rest of you, please do not email that you are worried about me, or in particular my cats. We are all fine. Thank you very much.

Moving right along, I love, adore, and overall cherish my cats, except at 4am.  Bella and Guinness have decided that at around 4 EVERY MORNING, it's appropriate to step on, meow, jump, and YELL at us. That's the time they want to get up, so we should too, in their minds. I have tried everything to get them to sleep in, nothing works. Before you say, hey 'ye of small mind', lock them in another room, I guarantee that Guinness would scratch the door down, besides, the yowling would continue.  Anyway, this morning I really did feel like shaking a cat, or two. Obviously I NEVER would.  If you have any suggestions, aside from giving them away, keeping them awake throughout the day, or locking them in another room, I would LOVE to hear them.

a very tired cat mom

PS- they are both spayed and neutered, altered whatever your term of choice

PSS- I also realize it's very inappropriate to joke about shaking a child and very dangerous to do so.  The joke is about the commercial, not actually abusing children or pets.  I thought I would add this disclaimer before the hate mail begins. Again, if you are in the foreign service or military overseas and subjected to the same three commercials over and over, you do tend to develop a sick sense of humor. 

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  1. I did a post about these horrible commercials not too long ago...OIY, they are horrible.