Friday, March 13, 2009

The plastic miracle worker

Bella is, shall we say, an enthusiastic litter box user.  This behavior often ended with litter all over the floor, which was eventually tracked through the house, gross. While searching the internet for alternative styles of litter boxes, I remembered that my cousin has "The Clever Cat" box.  The box is designed so that the cat enters through a hole in the top, takes care of business, and hops back out.  Since the box has high sides, no chance for litter to be tossed onto the floor.  I was able to locate it online, but was a bit worried about how the cats would react to it.

The box arrived and after using it for two days without the lid, they transitioned beautifully to having the top on the box.  There's still a little bit of litter that gets dragged onto the floor on their paws, but this litter box really did cut down on the mess.  I highly recommend it to other cat owners.

PS- if you are overseas and don't have APO, it's small enough to be mailed in the pouch :)

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  1. Now, if they would just make this thing in an automatic version...