Monday, May 9, 2011

The blog wouldn't be complete without an update on Guinness and Bella

Guinness has proven to be a FABULOUS big brother. We are so proud. My husband thought we would have major jealousy issues since Guinness is such a “mama’s boy”, in his words, always snuggling on my lap and wanting attention. Within a day of being back in Ireland with the baby, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, when Guinness appeared out of nowhere, meowing as if the house were on fire. I turned the water off and heard baby girl crying. I went to get her, Guinness right on my heels, meowing all the way. He’s very protective of her. When she was 4ish months and moved into her nursery, Guinness slept right outside the door. I always have the baby monitor with me, but if I’m a second late in responding to the baby, Guinness comes to find me, meow, meow, meow.

I’m very sad to say, Guinness has been having a few episodes lately. He’s at the point that he knows to settle down and rest when it happens. The episodes are usually brought on by over-exertion (chasing Bella).

Bella is, Bella. She’s small and sassy. When the baby was little, Bella would crawl up on her while she was eating. Now that the baby is bigger and more active, there have been a few incidents of ear and fur pulling, and a chomped tail, but Bella has proven to be patient and comes back for more.Hopefully she will soon develop the healthy fear of the baby that Guinness has.

Their reaction when I came home from the airport with the baby.

Guinness helping me shop for baby girl

Bella making herself comfortable in the bouncy seat (hey, it's not like the baby ever used it)

Bella making herself comfortable in the stroller

Bella doing tummy time. Notice a pattern here?

Checking out the new big girl car seat!

Guinness jumped in, and was a little worried about getting back out before I put the baby down. Though it's fair to say, Guinness was probably in it longer than the baby has been.

All in all, the adjustment for the cats has been beautiful. They've done very well.


  1. Great to hear about your wonderful cats! Guinness sounds like such a protective cat:) hope he stabilizes - poor boy!

  2. To say I'm glad that you are back is an understatement. I was really worried that something bad had happened. I'm thrilled that baby is doing good and I'm tickled pink that Guiness is still doing well, aside from recent episodes. Welcome back!

  3. Love this post! Your cats are awesome! Like mine! ;p

  4. My first word was "Meow!" taught to me by my grandparents' cat, Cindy. She used to wander up to my crib every morning to meow at me when I'd wake. One morning, my mother walked into the room to hear me meowing back at her. You never know what Guinness could be teaching baby girl. They may be having full conversations with each other before you know it. I sort of wish my cat would meow more in front of my daughter. It never hurts to know a second language.