Sunday, May 15, 2011

I recently did a little shopping …

Yes, it’s that time again. Frozen Embryo Transfer #2. I really struggled with when to do this. I’m A. getting old, and B. we are leaving Dublin this summer. I had two consults with my wonderful RE, and after discussing the pros and cons, agreed that now is the time. The biggest issue was that I wanted to breastfeed Kate as long as possible. A lot of the meds used for IVF and FET are contraindicated while breastfeeding, and with my supply getting lower and lower, it was time to stop.

As for shopping…

Crinone: 90 units

Heparin: 14 vials

Estrofem: 168 tablets

Buserelin: 4 vials

Prednisone: 175 tablets

Gestone PIO: 30 vials

I’m already taking folic acid, prenatal vitamin, aspirin, calcium, etc, etc, etc…

The pharmacist was fantastic. She stayed in weekly contact during the months of trying to put my order together (apparently there was a Gestone PIO shortage in Ireland), and since I was buying everything at once and don’t have insurance coverage, she gave me a 10% discount. When you’re spending several thousand dollars, every bit helps. Thank you, C!

Last week I had my first appointment (ultrasound, check meds, hand over a small fortune). The clinic has moved to a new location which is phenomenal because it’s A. closer to my house and B. has a big parking lot!

The new clinic is absolutely gorgeous and it was strange to see so many familiar faces, though I saw several new faces in the nursing department. I waited and hoped that I would be working with someone I’d worked with in the past. Imagine my relief when the fabulous Dr. L (AKA finder of missing right ovaries) called my name. It was great to see her again, catch up, and show her pictures of Kate. She asked if she could keep them, which I thought was very sweet.

The ultrasound was “perfect” according to Dr. L. I have all of the necessary meds, and then I stopped in billing so they could empty out my Irish bank account.

Tomorrow I go back for another ultrasound and the first dose of IV intralipids. Here we go again….


  1. Wow!!! I have not been at the new location but it sounds great! And dr. L is ever so wonderful, when I brought her Oliver she had tears of joy in her eyes. Say hello for me, I'll call her soon.
    Sounds like a great start for FET, keeping everything crossed!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with your baby 2.0 preparations! How old is your wee one now? Good for you! I hope it goes really well! Do you know where you are headed after Dublin? Good luck! Great to have you "back"!

  3. Get back in the saddle girl, way to go! And best of luck!